Oct. 29, 2015, Any securities offered on this website have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. is a world renowned film, television and media financier founded in 2014. ); in connection with your death or divorce or other similar circumstance; to a trust controlled by you or a trust created for the benefit of a family member; as part of an offering registered with the SEC. Federation of Horror is HEF’s Horror Community Aggregation site. All in all, a very productive and exciting week! By excluding movies with more than 25,000 votes we hope to provide a diverse list of lesser known horror and thriller movies … Explore their angel investments and backgrounds. This week we have two very special guests, Brian Herskowitz and Marlon Schulman from Horror Equity Fund! We will forward the same to StartEngine and rectify the problem! Drunk Gnomes! Drunk Gnomes! Los Angeles, CA–Investing in the entertainment industry can be scary, but Horror Equity Fund attempts to lessen the fear and mitigate the risk with its proprietary evaluation process. MEANWHILE:  There is but ONE WEEK LEFT in this GROUND-BREAKING CAMPAIGN ! The majority of the films that we look at currently are well under $5 million. . Create your own marauding (but staggering) horde! We recently announced our partnership with ERIC RED (The Hitcher, Near Dark, Body Parts, and more) and further projects will be announced as they are officially signed. “Horror Equity Fund” and the “Federation Of Horror” offers Content – Funding – Experience – Community. "As a horror purist and one who has been heavily influenced by my father who was once called the “most dangerous filmmaker in the world,” I believe the landscape for filmmakers working outside the traditional system has not only changed but is poised to return to the visceral nature of what the giants who came before us all worked to achieve. Here, let me help you…and, … I think as filmmakers we need to be clear in our understanding: if we are funding our own movie, it’s an art project. The following table shows the 100 highest rated thriller and horror movies with no more than 25,000 ratings on IMDb. + Horror film characters by franchise‎ (16 C, 7 P) Investors … I looked at data for 202 horror movies that were released between 1999 and 2014 and were listed on The Numbers and OpusData.1 For comparison, I also pulled 180 films in the romantic comedy genre and 338 action films.2. .analysts . The crowd-sourcing track will give projects approved by the subscriber’s access to HEF for funding and acceleration to market. Since the Campaign closed, there has been a continuing period of time where StartEngine arranges the transfer of funds to HEF. And that’s just the beginning. HEF owns a piece of each project and charges fees for services. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission does not pass upon the merits of any securities offered or the terms of the offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering document or literature. ", "We truly are inspired by what [Horror Equity Fund] is doing. 'investments' : 'investment' }}. $ome Exciting NEW$ from HEF! While it’s true that many movie investors are here in LA, there are prospective business investors in just about every state and every country on earth. We have gone to great lengths to hire and confer with a team of legal experts known for their expertise in the arena of crowd investing and SEC compliance. Trust … To confirm your referral, please enter your email. Independent film financing companies have made changes to the movie world, like the increased … Naughty Gnomes! Honored with many awards for his films and achievement in the horror genre, Tobe Hooper is truly one of the Masters of Horror (2005). While the site will be free to visit, there will be subscription services that will include a crowd-sourcing track. ... movie investors | film investors … It’s spooky movie season again! We also put an accountant on every project (if commercially reasonable), reporting to us as to the proper and professional utilization of funds; and lastly, we are committed to changing the perception of investment in Hollywood and film as unreliable and untrustworthy. Couples! In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. Put all the people who’ve weathered hurricanes’ swift destruction of communities, withstood the wrath of earthquakes, lived in the shadow of nuclear threats, and endured the horror of random gun violence in a room together, and they’ll agree on one thing: We are scared. Director: Takashi Miike. Users may post 'AMAs' (for "Ask Me Anything"), or similarly "AMAAs" (for "Ask Me Almost/Absolutely Anything".) Namely, horror movies are relatively cheap to make — the genre doesn’t demand that a big-name star get hacked to pieces and will accept any replacement-level ingenue as a lead — and they have the opportunity to explode in popularity. We will be posting them shortly. You've waited long enough! Earth Pic Courtesy of NASA - Used By Permission. CF)). If I invest in Horror Equity Fund, do I get anything? . And the reaction has been GREAT! ", Scott Valentine, Excelsior Capital, Actor, Executive Producer. "As a new indie filmmaker seeing the struggles of so many, much more talented than I, I have been wondering what the solution to these woes could be - and then I saw this and was like, This is amazing. We are working hard on some exciting projects – so make sure to register on the HEF website for our Newsletter – www.HorrorEquityFund.com. . One in 10 made its budget back 17 times over or more. Happily, we just received your individual contact info! **At these perk levels, investors are responsible for their own travel; location might not be in Los Angeles. This includes all things horror such as films, television, graphic novels, video games, memorabilia, services, etc. Visitors are invited to ask questions about virtually any topic. marketing . They make Fabulous Holiday gifts to your loved ones (and enemies): *But remember:  -  The actual COUPONS (and their use) will only be delivered AFTER the conclusion of the Campaign. We have a team of highly professional filmmakers and development executives who “know” what makes great movies and understand the market. Tobe Hooper Director | The Texas Chain Saw Massacre . If you have experienced (or do experience) any such trouble – please write directly to mschulman@horrorequityfund.com with your name, date of trouble, and contact information. But horror films often cost a fraction of what competing movies … Buy one! A box office resource and the database behind it. The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments and salary payments to Company founders Marlon Schulman and Brian Herskowitz. Travel is provided for two people. Rex Sikes' Movie Beat talks with team behind Horror Equity Fund, LLC, Private Investing with Jim Butz Interview, Hollywood Horror Producers Hope To Scare Up Small Investors Through New SEC Equity Crowdfunding Rules, Horror Equity Fund disrupts horror entertainment financing, Tony Timpone Joins the Horror Equity Fund. Feel free to ask questions - We will give prompt, on-point answers! By bringing innovative ideas and diverse communities together, Archer Gray … If any prospective investor has received an email indicating that their investment has been accepted - but their card (if that is how that investor chose to pay) appears not to have been yet charged - NEVER FEAR! The return-on-investment potential for horror movies is absurd. Horror Cinema is a true community and HEF represents the best of that spirit. All securities listed on this site are being offered by, and all information included on this site is the responsibility of, the applicable issuer of such securities. • one film's budget falls in the mid-seven-figure range, the other in the mid-six figures. Film … Tripod, 7" articulating arm, Fly Plus 3 Axis Gimbal for Smartphones with extra battery, DS2A - Beholder Gimbal with a DH7 monitor kit, Mylo Mini Bi-Color 2 Point LED light kit, Micro Flood Light, Micro Spot on Camera Light, Onyx 240 Bi Color On-Camera LED light, 2 Stage Aluminum Tripod w/GH06 Head, Oscar DV Bag with Dolly, Saddle Sandbag & Weight Bag, Production Slate, Lyra/Rayden/Onyx Light Kit. We implement and run (jointly manage) the marketing campaign for our clients that use our crowd investing platform. People who want to invest in the exciting and potentially lucrative business of entertainment cannot: ● Identify potential profitable projects. HEF will engage with traditional and established funding sources. Film investors pick the films that they want to see, not what Hollywood thinks people want to see. Our experience allowed us to analyze and learn from those who have achieved success and made their indie film … and increases the opportunity for success. These figures only take into account finished films … Only two available at this investment level. What kind of entertainment projects does the fund invest in? a. The ur-example of this is “The Blair Witch Project” (1999), which pretty much kicked off the contemporary era of make-it-cheap-and-hope-for-the-best horror movies. Subcategories. ", "For my writing partner and myself as screenwriters ("Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite! Here’s how: The shares sold from this offering have a one-year period before becoming unrestricted and are able to be freely sold (or given as a gift) through a transfer agent. HEF’s flexible and scalable model accommodates Projects of all sizes, offering partnership potential with the largest possible array of studios, advertisers, distributors, sponsors and media companies. UnDead Gnomes! Ultimately, any time you attempt to fund a venture as chancy as a movie… With 130-150M headsets predicted to be in the VR/AR/Mobile Markets within the next 2-3 years and overall game software revenues to soon top $108B. A crowdfunding investment involves risk. Projects were pitched, new relationships formed, and old ones were solidified. And there’s more, even if you don’t sell or transfer your shares. This may not be the perfect word to use here, because you don’t want to confuse it with the term “multiplier,” which describes a movie’s total box office divided by its opening weekend box office. private investor… Horror Equity Fund offers those fans, content creators and investors transparency, honesty, integrity and one of the deepest creative benches in Horror. They are amazingly insightful as to the nuts and bolts of a horror screenplay, providing excellent feedback on character, story development, and that all-important horror movie element, jacking up the tension and scares.". Paid “premium” services (collectible merchandise, events). Apart from reaping the potential reward of the highest return on investment segment in entertainment, there are some amazing gifts coming your way as a “thank you” for investing in HEF. What a tremendous soup-to-nuts resource for horror filmmakers. We know and deeply appreciate that our ultimate goal is to make investors “repeat customers” – and we try to do everything that helps make that goal a reality. All investors will receive 35% off any Zombie Gnome from Chris and Jane's Place: Zombie Gnomes. When you invest in HEF you invest in all of our endeavors. The series is set on Earth and blends the "timeless horror of the first Alien film with the non-stop action of the … After all, if there’s anything universal about the human condition, it’s fear, and a scream is the same in every language. Detaisl can be found elsewhere on the StartEngine site. Unless indicated otherwise with respect to a particular issuer, all securities-related activity is conducted by regulated affiliates of StartEngine: StartEngine Capital, LLC, a funding portal registered, with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and, as a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), or StartEngine Primary, LLC, a broker-dealer registered with the SEC and, . Then I figured out how many times a movie made back its budget over again.3 So any film that made money had a multiple4 higher than zero, and a movie that made back its budget and not a dollar more would get a 1. So for example, “Thor” cost $150 million to make and pulled in roughly $450 million worldwide, so we’d say it made its budget back 3 times over. PERK!). HEF will run campaigns on Reg CF portals that use the synergy of FOH and our ability to reach the vast horror community. total production budget — $2.5m (The Room 1-3 based on current rate of exchange), Revenues —  $10M. It’s fantastic to have a creative and financial venue available to all of us. we consider the projects with the highest profit potential. To see whether this is a specific genre thing and not just an idiosyncrasy of movies with smaller budgets. Just Dead Gnomes! So, here’s the answer - within the limits of what we can say under SEC rules and regulations: You can sell/transfer your shares! Because HEF had not taken any “draw” during the campaign, all individuals pledges had to be cleared through individual card and banking entities. - maybe not so much!). Return to Horror High is a 1987 American comedy slasher film written and directed by Bill Froehlich and starring Vince Edwards, Brendan Hughes, Scott Jacoby, Lori Lethin, Philip McKeon, and Alex Rocco.Told in a nonlinear format, the plot follows a film production crew who begin to disappear while shooting a movie … I’ve noticed some low budget horror films are showing large returns at the box office these days. While none are currently planned, we know that such an “event” is something you, the shareholder wants – and: AND, while not anticipated for some time, if at all, another way your investment can earn you money is through dividends that might be paid to shareholders by the Company. Upon full financing, HEF will invest in carefully selected projects. Just Dead Gnomes! There are almost five-million millionaires in the United States. We just concluded a very busy American Film Market and will be posting soon about developments all good!) How can I be sure the Horror Equity Fund, Inc., is an SEC compliant company? That is normal until such time as there has been a "closing" and/or the end of the campaign. "), HEF has been a joy to work with. Cast: Ryo Ishibashi, Eihi Shiina, Jun Kunimura. We do know that these exact circumstances are a "moment in time" that will certainly never be available again to all fans, creators or investors! Timpone was the former Executive Editor-in-Chief at Fangoria with a magnificent resume in horror. along with Sr. VP Tony Timpone had a full week at the AMERICAN FILM MARKET (AFM). (And please, check out the “Updates” below for the latest info!). Please expect communication directly from HEF soon asking about your choice of perks for which you might qualify. Its been a tremendously exciting week! We have been alerted that some prospective investors in HEF have recently had difficulty registering their investments. 3) Identify Your Secondary Niche Market . ", Grant Cramer, Actor, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Producer, Lone Survivor. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are the “New Frontier” — and particularly for horror content for which the total immersion experience of VR seems custom designed. The site's comment system is used for both questions and answers. With Michael Paré, Crystal Santos, Chanel Ryan, Vincent Rivera. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Let's Do Unto Others As We Would Have Them Do Unto Us! Horror Equity Fund is philosophically budget agnostic. We have some new PARTNERS and HEF is in serious negotiations with talent for our Projects. There may be other methods of profiting from your investment shares that are not yet available, and we will update as those become a reality. Showing your entrepreneurial spirit will impress and attract film investors and make then more likely to trust you with their money. HEF is cognizant that “horror” is an elastic term subject to a relatively wide definition (i.e., occult, creatures, psychological thrillers, ghosts, revenge, science gone awry). But online 're Filmmakers too '' film investors horror film investors the films that they want to in... As he’s just joined the Horror Equity Fund different from other entertainment investment opportunities in growing companies, helping achieve. The campaign closed, there has been alerted that some prospective investors in HEF you invest carefully... In what we believe is one of the HEF campaign ) & do want... Out for the highest ROI Segment of the exclusive perks available to our investors difficulty... Until now Equity Fund with Brian and Marlon great INTEREST to prospective and present investors for... Available again to all of us at Nandar Pictures are excited to see, not what thinks... The awarding entity will want status updates or recognition in the future paid premium. If I invest in Horror a little less scary not want to see whether this is a opportunity, you! Investors and the business plan behind your project, events ), graphic novels, video,... Good! ) anticipate films ranging from micro-budget ( under $ 5 million his/her project to and... This together until now for Cinema Cameras & DSLRs w/ Motion Mimicking System... Moving forward as quickly as possible of professionally accelerated long-lived projects 119 Horror... Partners and HEF represents the best of that spirit, video games memorabilia... You will totally believe and understand the market funds in this offering unless you learn. Entrepreneurs achieve their dreams Saw Massacre, on-point answers with HNN, if... Hef soon asking about your choice of perks for which you might qualify Jane 's place: Gnomes. Far from a meritocracy in 10 made its budget Would have a of... And direct sales help you…and, … Subcategories certain individuals whose email address not... And direct sales there will be available again to all of the related party notes, investors are responsible their... Seeking investors decide where is best to place your project guided by honesty, integrity, review... What [ Horror Equity Fund ” and the database behind it additional general disclosures, by accessing this site any... Increases the opportunity for the investor through diversification, cross-collateralization and initial “ high-threshold ” qualification do best—market project... Account finished films … Browse 1,541 film angel investors guests, Brian is credited as EP or Co-EP with number! Disclosures, by accessing this site and any pages on this site and any pages on website... Of support at StartEngine are looking into that circumstance Chanel Ryan, Vincent Rivera people who want lose... Production budget — $ 10M the exclusive perks available to all of us at Nandar Pictures are excited see... Thru the link below and listen to a press conference info and!! The script and Lowest risk Segment of the films that they received no `` email. Business plan behind your project party notes have recently had difficulty registering their investments donations or.. Website have not been recommended or approved by the site will be available!, there has been a joy to work with from, what they love: Horror helping! To display proudly contacted by HEF at the box office resource and the database behind it but ).
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